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Rain, Rain, Go Away. . .

It’s been raining B.C. style here for days now with lots of high winds thrown in, just for fun. One of my beautiful tomato plants snapped in half, my sunflowers blew over, half the garlic patch is flattened and I’m fairly certain that the cauliflower won’t recover. That said, there is always an upside to gardening. My hosta’s have gotten fabulously huge, the cedars and boxwood that I planted in the front garden think they are sill back home on the coast and for some reason the broccoli still looks awesome! The other upside to the rain on the last week I’ll have Jesse home during the day, is that he’s helping me out with my ‘spring’ cleaning and reorganizing. We worked until nearly midnight last night turning Holly’s old room into a storage room/ spare room. It’s looking great! Next up. . . The greenhouse area. Shudder!!!

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