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Role Models. . . Day Two In The Hospital.

How beautiful is the wake of that boat and the colour of the river?

These last few weeks, as I have waited to hear when my surgery will be, emotions flood through me. . . and some days, looking at my new circumstances with acceptance and dignity isn’t easy.

Those are the days I hardly ever stop praying. . .

I can honestly say I have never asked “Why me?” as the answer is, of course, “Why not me?”

I feel the certainty that God is is control, that He has His hand on me every minute of the day.

I am not afraid of dying, when my time comes, but, the uncertainty of what living is going to look like is awfully scary sometimes.

I like to be busy. I love projects, the bigger the better. . .

What if complications change my ability to live my life the way I want to?

I struggle sometimes, with that fear.

But, as a problem solver, it is in my nature to look for another way to do things, for examples of others who have overcome and who live beautiful lives, even if those lives are not what they would have chosen.

I have been mindfully looking for those examples. Some of whom I have known or still know, personally, and others whom I’ve gotten to ‘know’ through blogs online. . .

Not everyone is a person of faith, but they have all persevered and made the best of what they were given.

I thought I would introduce you to one of them. . .

This is Alicia’s story.

I love her peaceful, gentle, quiet life.

And even more amazing? After years of childlessness?

She and her sweet husband Andy adopted a beautiful baby girl. Amelia.

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