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Special delivery

Okay, it’s time for the big reveal.

Drum roll please. . .

What could those boys be making?

Yes indeed Brenda, you were right when you guessed the first time!

It’s my very own greenhouse! A spacious 8’x12′! Whoo Hoo!!

Although it is called the Easy2Build greenhouse, I’ve got to tell you, it was anything but!

The worst part was the weatherstripping. The directions tell you ‘insert weatherstripping in metal channel making sure it is facing the right way. No instruction is given as to how to accomplish this!

This is what Henry came up with to get the roof done.

The greenhouse was creaking in an alarming manner, so he decided to send me up there! Now if the weatherstripping would have just slid into the channel it wouldn’t have been so bad but. . . that was not the case at all! To get the weatherstripping into the channel, you had to pry the metal back every inch and a half or so with a large screwdriver and shove it in as hard as you could.

Arghhh!! I was not made for this! I was just not strong enough to work on the roof, so Henry braced the greenhouse from the inside and did it himself. As a souvenir of my time up there however I was left with two rather large, ugly, bruises on the front of my legs where they were pressing against the ladder.

I did do most of the weatherstripping on the rest of the greenhouse though. That is one of the reasons it took so long to finish.

It is finished now. Henry spent a few nights getting it bolted into the concrete blocks (that required some serious fiddling as well. I’m sure glad he has lots of ingenuity!)

So come on in!

There’s a nice place to sit.

A corner I will use to pot up plants. (and keep my eye on the temperature.)

Henry got Mr B (our handyman/contractor ) to bring electricity in as well, so I have both a light and an outlet for the heater etc.

Henry also managed to work things so that I still have my outdoor work area.

The big box holds my potting soil.

There you have it. My big garden project.

I will be spending lots and lots of time this winter learning about greenhouse growing and dreaming of the many, many plants that will grow there.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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