Spent The Day In the Garden. . . . Outside!!!

I went out to the front garden this morning and noticed a few things coming up. I looked around and decided I could spare a few hours to cleaning it up a bit.

No more than a few hours though. . .

Ev and I have a Spring sale on Saturday and my To Do list is a mile long!

Came up for air at noon when Jesse needed an emergency ride to work. (He slept in big time. Sometimes begging works.) Had a little lunch and a quick nap.

Looked out the window as I heard the weather forecast. 30-50 cm of rain by tomorrow evening. . . Hmmmm. . .

Nothing gets the spring garden growing like a good rain. And if I cleaned up the whole front garden. . . Think how fabulous it will look! That would be excellent advertising for {growing} wisdom . A much better use of my time than all those things on my To Do list. . . .

I finished up around six.

Now you know where my priorities are. Grilled cheese sandwiches for supper. Pictures tomorrow. This middle aged woman is heading to bed.

Life is very good.

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