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Spring break

Well, it’s spring break at my house this week.

Every year as spring break gets closer, I think I’m going to be working in my garden nonstop for a whole week. And every year the ground is no anywhere near ready to be worked!

This year I decided to be sensible. I had no plans for working in the garden, but plenty for projects on the house.

More spring cleaning, bringing excess stuff to our local thrift store, finishing the painting and decorating in my side entry,baking up a storm, organizing and possibly painting my laundry room. . .

Well. . .I will get very little of that done ( who am I kidding, no one could have gotten all that done in a week!)

This week is now going to be all about getting ready for the trip of a lifetime! (and finishing off my garden design, which will give me spending money for this trip.)

Where am I going?

Well, thanks to my dear sister T, I will be accompanying her on a business trip to check out a big trade show. I have worked for them before but never in this way. Due to various circumstances no one else could go with her, and I became the lucky candidate.

So. . .

I will be spending this week cleaning the house, cooking meals and baking for the freezer, picking up my passport, getting shots at the doctor’s, applying for a travel visa, shopping, and, if I have time,( Ha!) sewing myself a cool bag to take with me.

To China.

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