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Spring Break, Spring Cleaning

It’s going to be a busy week. As school is out for spring break in the coming week, I have a week off. In the dead of winter I often fool myself into thinking I’ll be able to do some cleaning up in the garden during spring break. As most of the garden is still covered in snow that is obviously not going to happen. So, I’ve moved on to the next best project. Spring cleaning. Mom was going to come help me get started on Monday but I’ve just gotten the exciting news that my new windows will be going in on Monday and Tuesday! Whoo Hoo! It will be great to be able to look out the window on a cold day. (Right now the middle of both the kitchen and living room windows freeze up on cold days.) It’s perfect timing too, warm enough that I won’t freeze my pattooty off while the windows are out and cold enough that nothing has come up in the garden under the windows. I also don’t have to worry that all the mess created will make spring cleaning useless. I’ll just wait until Wednesday to start and work in the greenhouse instead. It’ll be a hardship, but somethings just have to be done!

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