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Sunny days

It’s a beautiful sunny day today and where do you think I’m going to spend it? If you guessed the garden, go to the head of the class! I seem to be finished with all the extra stuff for now and I finally have time to do what I want to do! I took Jada for a walk to the pet store as soon as I got home this morning. We got her a nice smoked bone that would keep her busy. (and from noticing how short her walk was) Of course the first thing she did when she got home, was to scout out the perfect place to bury it! So much for that idea. . . At some random time in the future, when she feels it has rotted long enough (that’s why I buy smoked ones. They don’t really rot!) she’ll haul it out, and drag it into the living room to chew. Sigh. . . Oh well it was a good idea. I hope to get all my plants into the garden this week as the forecast is calling for rain on Saturday. I don’t really mind because then I can do something in the house instead. I might bake, declutter, or sew. I just picked up a bunch of fabric from my sister-in-law who is purging before she moves to her new house. With a little stash of my own I can now sew something on a whim. How fun is that? Well. . . Got to go, I hear Henry’s truck so he’s probably home for lunch. See you tomorrow.!

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