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Super Jada!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged!

That low iron thing has really thrown me for a loop! This last month has been quite the struggle in that regard. Changes have been made and more are on the way. However . . . That’s a post for another day . . .

I wanted to start my week on a lighthearted note.

Our dear, sweet Jada had to have a lump removed recently. It was high up on her leg, leaving me to wonder how we would keep a bandage on.

Poor little soul! Her leg was bandaged top to bottom and she came home with a plastic ‘cone of shame’ that we were to put on her head if we caught her licking or chewing her incision. The bandaged slipped down almost immediately, leaving her wound exposed. She had a terrible time settling down but we kept a close eye on her, leaving the cone off until the last person went to bed.

I woke to whimpering. 2:30 am. I found Jada in the hallway unable to maneuver that crazy cone in our teeny tiny home. Every time she turned her head the cone banged into something.The bandage had slipped down even farther as well. I took it off and decided to head back to the vet first thing to see if there was any other solution.

The ladies at Mayfield Veterinary Hospital Rock!

No boring white bandages for them! If they were going to send home our girl bandaged and covered up, they were going to do so in style!

Meet Super Jada!

This dog is ready for action!

Well . . . . maybe not. Looks like she’s feeling slightly ridiculous . . .

“Wake me up when this is all over . . .”

* A quick note. . . I had to disable commenting for the moment. I woke up to nearly 400 spam comments in my inbox on one blog post. After some time deleting them all, I went away to write this post and came back to 37 more! Arghh! We’ll see what a week or two without comments will do. Feel free to comment on Facebook instead. 😀

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