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Surgery Today

I go for surgery today.

I will be having my lymph nodes biopsied and a largish area around where the cancer was found ( on my stomach) removed.

I am to be at the hospital by 8 and surgery is at noon.

I have to be there early because I will be injected with a few dyes to guide the surgeon to the right areas to remove.

So here’s the thing. . .

One of the dyes is brilliantly blue and can . . .

a: leave the area under you eyes blue. b: leave your lip-line blue. c: cause you to pee blue.


d: Leave you with a bright blue tattoo should any of the dye be left behind during surgery .

But not to worry. . .

It usually fades within six months. . .

But not always. . .

Hmmm. . .

Then there is the uncertainty of how my body will handle anesthesia.

Some people throw up a lot.

The last time I had surgery I was 7 and had my tonsils out.

I don’t remember how I felt afterwards.

All I remember was the lovely little nest my mom made for me in the front yard under the tree. A comfy chair, books, coloring books and crayons and a few barbies. (and I’m working on creating a grown up nest for my recovery this time. . .)

And I remember the jello and ice cream. Lots of jello and ice cream.

The only recent experience I’ve had with the effects of anesthesia was when Jada was put under to remove bits of bark lodged in her throat.

I brought her home and she wandered around for hours with a drunken stagger, banging into walls while her tongue hung nearly to the ground. And then there was the drooling. . .

Not a particularly comforting thought right now!

I think I’m going to enforce a ban on visitors for the first two days. . . Because what if. . .????

After all. . . according to the pamphlet I will be consider impaired for 48 hours following surgery. . .

No drinking, driving, or making any financial decisions. I will be considered impaired for those 48 hours. . And you know what they say. . . Never blog under the influence!

* I have pre posted a few days so that I can still meet my challenge of the 31 days while taking a day or two off to rest. (although I will not be linking to Facebook That can’t be done ahead.You will just have to save my blog into your favorites. . . or become a follower. . . ;D )

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