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Anyone want to guess who’s wrist this is?

A tattoo has been discussed before .

My dislike of the idea was made known! (Although to be truthful, they don’t really bother me on others, as long as they are tasteful and don’t cover a large percentages of a person’s body…)

However when we are talking about my own flesh and blood. . . !

When questioned as to why a ride home was needed from me, when a bus could be taken?

Well the tattoo was displayed. Somewhat shamefaced as my dislike was known. . .

I would like to be rightously angry about this.

An inconvenient memory intrudes. . .

Back in the day I desperately wanted my ears double pierced. Mom was adamantly opposed. Being the good quiet girl that I am I complied. Until that is. . .

Mom was in the hospital with gallstones. Left on my own with my sisters and brother what did I do? ? ?

You guessed it!

My friend Anita and I got our ears double pierced!

And then visited my mom in the hospital knowing that she wouldn’t make a scene around so many people. We figured by the time she got out she would have cooled down. . .

I deserve this tattoo, don’t I?

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