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Surrounded by flowers

This is Ev again.

I just got back from Rosa’s hospital room. While I am surrounded by kids and the sight of falling snow, Rosa’s bed is surrounded by flowers. It is actually quite peaceful in there. She can’t even see the falling snow, so one can imagine that it’s warm.

So, the update. She definitely has some pain, especially when she has to get up. And yes, she can get up and has to, but only to visit the washroom. And I don’t think she’d really want to do more than that at this point. Strolling around The Mall is definitely not going to happen right away. Although moving is good for the circulation and most of her muscles, it isn’t actually that great for the muscle that needs to heal right now.

And how’s she healing? Although it’s hard to tell with no real reference point, the nurses all say she healing really well. She’s feeling weird pins and needles in her leg, but I would think that’s a good thing. Without being a doctor or at all knowledgeable, it sounds like that would be active nerves, nerves healing or maybe reconnecting. Like when you hurt yourself and it later starts itching. That’s a good thing. Hopefully that analogy holds true here.

Comfortable as that tinting bed may be, I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to go home tomorrow. Home to her own coziness and her own quiet sanctuary. It’s nice to have tea when you want tea. To have comforting soup when that’s what you feel like having. As long as there’s no temptation to get up and get herself these things! Resisting may take strength of another sort.

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