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The Adventure Photo Shoot Contest winner!

Way back in May, when I launched Whimsey Photography, I held a contest to celebrate. The contest was for an Adventure photo shoot at Fort Edmonton Park. Winners got free entry into the park and 15 free images of their adventure.

Nelena and Mark were the winners and, as Nelena was expecting a baby, she asked if we could wait until the baby was born before she claimed her prize. After the baby’s arrival, a few bad weather reschedules and a long wait for me to get over my bout with shingles, they finally got their photos.

I’m so glad it all worked out in the end. Fort Edmonton is one of my favorite places which is why I choose it as the place to celebrate my business launch.

I had two assistants that day in Holly and Kim. I knew extra hands would come in handy with the baby and his pamphernalia. We went early to scope things out (and enjoy the Fort as Holly and Kim are both big fans as well.)

It was such a lovely day. The weather cooperated and the kids were awesome. I really do miss spending time with kids now that I’ve retired from bus driving so I’m always happy when I get a chance to play with some.

I’m not going to write about our adventure, rather, I’m going to share the photos along with the fusion video which tells the story in such a fun way.

Thank you Nelena and Mark for allowing us to enjoy such a great day with you and your kids. They are all adorable. You are blessed with a wonderful family

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