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The Giveaway Prizes

Some of you may have wondered just what the little extra’s the giveaway winners received were.

Other’s may have wondered what the ‘little something’ I found for the extra winner was.

Wonder no more!

Both calendar winners received the same thing, aside from the fact that one was a wall calendar and the other a desk calendar.

A calendar, a Growing Wisdom note book and wrapped in tissue, a tiny tin of the wood butter I had made the day before.

Wood butter?? What in the world is wood butter?

You’ll have to tune in later this week to find that out . . .

Then there was this cute gift tag Val showed me how to make when she had come for a day of creating a few days earlier . . .

I have been seized with the compulsion to find the perfect bible verse for everything lately. (This was a reminder that spring will come. Probably later rather than sooner, but still, it will come.)

My cousin Marie was the extra giveaway winner. I bribed her with a larger gift if she was willing to come into town for a visit. (She lives about an hour away.)

Not only did she come into town, she also took me out for lunch! Good thing I had something nice to give . . .

These are the bulbs Nicole and I started last fall.

To bad Val hadn’t come yet but I still had fun making this gift tag . . .

And because I said a little something extra . . .

She got to pick one of these concrete leaves!

Which one would you pick?

She picked the gray one.

I do love a giveaway!

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