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The start of a 365 photography challenge. Gratitude

In this strange time of Covid-19, when everything seems upside down and inside out, I wanted to take my gratitude practice a step further.

I generally start my day by listing 5 things I’m grateful for in my journal.

This morning I was waiting in the drive though line at Tim Horton’s. The first time in over a month. The sun was shining, temperatures were finally above zero, and it all felt so normal, familiar.

I felt compelled to capture that fleeting moment, when gratitude washed over me, feeling part of a community, rap music pounding out from the truck behind me.

And so the idea of a 365 Gratitude project was born. I have never yet managed to finish a 365, but there’s always a first time, right? 😉😅

My goal is to capture those moments of gratitude each day and I’m going to do it with whatever camera is at hand. Done is better than perfect....

Today it was my cell phone.

What were you grateful for today?

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