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To My Cousins. . . Yes, It Is Wednesday Night!

As my cousins Chandra and Marie pointed out, it is now Wednesday night which means my promise is no longer just bent, but fully broken.

Sorry about that Tam!

And on that note, I will now regal you with the fuchsia story. . .

A few weeks ago Tamara wrote a post about the fuchsia baskets they were growing over at Darvonda.

Now I have a tricky growing spot on my back deck, as it gets morning sun and a little bit of afternoon sun.

This makes it too sunny for most shade loving plants and not quite sunny enough for good flowering from sun loving plants.

I had a couple of fuchsia basket stuffers one year and not only did they do well, Henry loved them.

I’m not sure what is was about a plant as girly as a fuchsia that appealed to him,( they always look like little ball gowns with frothy petticoats to me) but I’m always looking to include the family in gardening choices.

I asked Tamara if the fuchsias were coming to Alberta.


But she was more than happy to send me two to hang from the back deck.

Luckily for me our dad is one of their drivers and often does the Alberta route. He brought them up and I met him at the gas station to get them .

He opened the back of the truck and I hopped up and grabbed the first one.

Good grief that thing was heavy!

I struggled to get both of them into the back of the truck.

Once I brought them home, I took them into the greenhouse to hang up.

I took the plastic sleeve off.

And beheld the most enormous fuchsia I had ever seen!

I tried to hang it up but the branches hit the roof, while the basket hanger was a good six inches away from the hanging bar. (This picture shows you what it looked like after the branches had relaxed quite a bit.)

What to do?

I had to bring it inside.

The only problem I had was getting it through the door without breaking of all the branches!

When Henry dropped by for lunch the next day I asked him to help me hang the baskets up on the deck.

They are so big that not only can you not see into the garden, half of the one basket blocks the stairs down into the garden!


Darvonda sure knows how to give good value for your money.

And we all know Tamara likes to do things in a big way. . .

Thanks Tam!

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