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To My Family And Friends. . . You Are Invited!

Our 25Th Anniversary party is coming up and it seems that not everyone got an invitation!

So I’m going to remedy that right now!

(Didn’t Crystal and Mom do a great job on the invitations?)

Dress warmly as we hope to have a fire in the back yard fire pit as well as evergreen swag making in the greenhouse after dinner. (How many parties have you been to that allow you to be creative and take your creation home to decorate for Christmas?!)

I will of course have the heaters going in the greenhouse.

We do live in Alberta after all!

We’ll all stay warm with hot chocolate(or wine) and fill ourselves up with delicious food.

I hear my cousin Leona is bringing cake and I can’t wait to see what kind of fabulous flavour it might be.


Stay tuned for the next little while as we keep you posted on party preparations. . .

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