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Travel Tuesday. Travel and Blogging

I love to travel and I love to blog so aren’t I lucky that the two go so well together??

taking pictures with an iphone

I mean, you get to take pictures of everything and the adventuring bloggers with you do the same.

Waffles at Kraus Berry Farms

You get to blog about your sisters and they can blog (or Facebook) about you.

Kraus Berry Farms

You have a valid reason to take pictures of whatever you think is interesting . . . even if it’s just shelves lined with bottles.

Kraus Berry Farms

Nothing is out of bounds . . .

Kraus Berry Farms

store aisles . .

Bakery cases . .

Kraus Berry Farms

and delicious pastries.

Buying a berry pie At Kraus Berry Farm

You can buy mile high fruit pies guilt free. After all, you need to ‘review it’ for your blog!

Making Waffles at Kraus Berry Farms

Back when I first started blogging I got strange looks everywhere I went as I snapped away, chronicling my adventures with my camera. “You’re a blogger? What’s a blogger???”

These days social-media savvy businesses often welcome you if you tell them you are a blogger.

This sweet young woman from Kraus Berry Farms in Langley B.C. made me a special waffle to blog about after I missed the process because I got distracted by all the pretty things inside the store. I tried to tell her I had already eaten one but she insisted on making another so I could take it out into the garden and take pictures wherever I wanted with it.


Waffles in the garden

You have to get brave though, as you blog and travel. All eyes were on me as I stepped over the ropes into the garden with a waffle in one hand and my camera in another, trying it first in this spot and then that one.

purple flowers

One thing to keep in mind if you’re a new blogger, is that there are certain places that do not allow you to take pictures. When Lisa and I were making our way through Pike’s Place in Seattle I went to take a picture of Lisa in front of one of the booths. The owner was quick to ask me not to take a picture of her wares. (the sweetest hand knit children’s hats) The same rule usually applies in high end gift shops. I almost always ask no matter where I am. Sometimes especially nice things can come out of it, like my waffle!

Pike's Place

Blogging, travel and a sense of adventure go hand in hand. . .

Winery Kraus Berry Farms

and Tamara is one of the most adventurous people I know.

Winery Kraus Berry Farms

Hop up on a side saddle in a skirt? No problem!

Winery Kraus Berry Farms

Can you think of a better place to sit while you taste the locally made wine?

Recipe for friendship plaque

Best of all? Travel and blogging give you the opportunity to meet a whole host of new people, some of whom may even become your friends.

It doesn’t get better than that!

Tamara has shared her Travel Tuesday story HERE.

Now it’s your turn . . .

Just click on the InLinkz link below and join in the fun! *Don’t forget to link to your actual post rather than your general blog address. You can do this by clicking on your post title and copy and pasting that address to the link. A few other things you can do to liven up the party is to link back to Travel Tuesdays on your blog and visit at least a few of the other bloggers and leave them a comment. Spread the love . . . As promised we have also come up with a way for everyone to share in the fun, even non bloggers! We now have a Travel Tuesdays Facebook page! If you don’t blog, or even if you do, hop on over there and leave your pictures and stories. It doesn’t even have to be Tuesday.

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