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Travel Tuesdays. Finding Inspiration for the Home.

I don’t know about you but I love a pretty, cozy home.

I love to display beautiful things, changing them up for the seasons or as my tastes change. At the moment I am chomping at the bit, ready to switch out to all things fall both inside and out. My Pinterest boards are growing a little every day.

Here’s Autumn and Mantles. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration when you want to do something new with your home decor.

But, have you ever considered travel as a place to find inspiration?

I am always on the look out. New trends, new colours, new crafting techniques. . .

While visiting my sister Tamara, she and I stumbled across the sweetest little restaurant literally minutes from her home.

Welcome to Tracycakes Bakery Cafe. . .

So many things about this place intrigued me. The contrast of a utilitarian blackboard with the creamy white ornate frame

A large mirror that both reflected light from the window

and served as a unique showcase for the menu.

Vignettes that showcased vintage, white and a hint of colour.

Mixing old with new, shiny and matte, white and teal.

Repurposing an old kitchen cupboard door. Genius!

Adding in a touch of black.

Frothy babies breath in a vase.

Glamming things up with the liberal use of silver and glass.

There were so many things to inspire here. The food and it’s presentation being one of them.

How hard would it be to arrange my goodies on a pretty tray or cake rack when friends come over for tea?

Or to put a little extra effort into my sandwiches when the Hubby drops by for lunch once in a while?

Could a snack be something besides the quick and easy chocolate chip cookie when the holidays approach?

I will admit, stuff like this can keep me up at night as thoughts whirl around my head. Thankfully there is no rule that says you have to act on all the inspiration you come across. We’d all drive ourselves crazy.

Pick one thing at a time, when you have time. Let everything else percolate for another day.

This is what my trip to Tracycakes translated into in my kitchen last week.

Whites, touches of colour, glass, silver, and a few vintage elements.

I didn’t run out and buy anything, these things were spread around my house. All this makeover took was a bit of time and thought plus a few excellent suggestions from my daughter Holly. Travel, a gift that keeps on giving. . . ;D

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