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Travel Tuesdays. Traveling with Bloggers

Travel with bloggers is somewhat different than traveling with your average companion.

Bloggers look at the world and adventure with a different eye.

Most people travel with the intent to wring as much enjoyment out of their trip as they possibly can.

A worthy goal.

Bloggers on the other hand, travel with the intent to share. They are constantly on the look out for the weird and the quirky. For the newest and best technology they can use to share their adventure with others.

Their shenanigans can look pretty bizarre odd to outsiders . . .

While in B.C. this summer Tamara and I had an opportunity to hook up with the lovely and talented Donna of Funky Junk fame.

Source Somehow mine got lost on my phone somewhere! left to right: Donna, Rosa Tamara.

Tamara had done some work with her before and thought my idea of a small blogger adventure sounded like fun. Luckily Donna thought so too and we all agreed to meet up at Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques in Abbostford, a place Donna had blogged about in the past.

Just getting there was an adventure, as we found ourselves out in the middle of dairy country convinced we’d gone badly wrong somehow. . .

Until we pulled up to a dairy farm turned antique emporium!

Oh my, oh my.

My heart began to beat faster and my palms started to sweat. There was definite twitching in my nose.

What treasures would we discover here???

Donna drove up and the fun began in earnest.

First off. . . a quick lesson in technology.

“All the bloggers are using Instagram these days. Let’s all Instagram this little adventure and make sure we hashtag everything the same so people can find us.”

“Say whaaat??? I’m working old school here ladies. No data plan . . . I’m pay as you go. Pay a lot as you go!! And how in the world do hashtags actually work???”

” You don’t have a data plan?!! If you blog you need a data plan. It’s business!” Hmmmmm. . . I never thought of it that way. . .

Teach on Donna! I’m sure I’ll remember this for the day I finally get my own data plan. In the mean time I suppose I’ll have to shell out a few dollars to play with the big girls. ;D

Have you ever seen three (nearly) middle aged ladies peer at their tiny phone screens?? Or mutter, mumble and jab at one button after another, wrestling with all this newfangled technology???

Snicker. We’re thankful you didn’t see us.

Tamara, as usual, came dressed for the occasion. There’s nothing better than a dress, white jacket and blue heels to pick through dusty ‘junk’ filled barns.

Of course, if your a blogger, you scorn the boring ‘take a picture and describe what you saw’ type of blog post. You want to make things happen! Add a little excitement!

A little drama!

We each found fabulous treasures to warm our hearts and empty our pocketbooks. . .

To bad I forgot to take pictures, I was too busy drooling over my amazing deals.

All this bargain hunting made us hungry, so we set of to find the perfect restaurant to refuel our empty tummies.


We proceeded to act like loud giggly teenage girls, moving things around to find the perfect picture, squealing if we got a comment on something posted to Instagram or Facebook and just generally providing free entertainment for the other patrons.

It was a day filled with laughter and one I will always treasure.

Bloggers make fabulous traveling companions. I hope this will be the first of many such adventures.

And because I’m a blogger who loves photography, I had waaay to many pictures for a regular blog post so I’ve also made a movie to allow you to feel as though you were right there with us.(Can you believe. . . I just backed up all my files and discovered I have 30,000 pictures on my computer! 30,000. That’s got to be some kind of typo don’t you think??)


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