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Tulips in January!

Can there be anything better than tulips in January?

The first picture was taken yesterday afternoon and the second this morning. I’m not going to go into how to force bulbs like this now. We’ll save that for this fall/winter when I get a batch ready for next year.

They do give me great delight. The flowers are great of course, but even better…. I now get to phone my sister Lisa and tell her all about it!

Now you need to know that Lisa lives on the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, about an hour or so out of Vancouver. Every year in February when we are chatting about how things are going she tells me how wonderful and mild things are,… about how green the grass is getting… blah,blah,blah… and then…. that the crocuses are blooming!! Argh!! February in Edmonton usually means more snow, and temperatures that cause me to add third and fourth layers when I go out! With no end in sight!!

Well this year I’ve got her beat! I’m going to phone her and tell her…… well, you know….

The tulips are blooming! In January!

Ha! So there!

Do me a favour though … please… don’t tell her they are in pots!

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