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Have any of you ever been caught unprepared?

My cousin, whom I’ve seen once recently, for the first time in several years, just dropped by.

I knew she was coming, but I thought she would be here after lunch.

She walked in to find me in muddy sweatpants, with a bag of garbage in hand, and bird fluff drifting on the breeze. (I had just cleaned the cage.)

My house has Jada hair in deep drifts along the walls, dishes in the sink and worst of all. . .

I had no baking!

Oh the horror!

Thankfully she’s a mom like me and kindly ignored it.

The lack of baking turned out not to be a problem, as she had planned to take my house guest out, rather than visit here.

Whew! A narrow escape.

I’m off now to clean the house and bake a coffee cake.

This will never happen again!


If only I could believe that!

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