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What was I thinking?

I don’t know what I was thinking this morning!

I had taken some pictures of a beautiful arrangement I had in the living room. My sea lavender had grown huge last year. It also stayed upright, due to the pots right beside it in the garden. What a lovely bouquet is was. . .

I decided to bring it into the house for the winter.

As a reminder of summer.

I was the only person in the house who appreciated it. Everybody complained the it was too big.

I said it was abundant and who could have a problem with that!

Everybody said they hit their heads on it as they walked through the doorway.

I didn’t. . . Really! Ok, not very often anyway. You just had to turn sideways whe you walked throught the door. How hard is that?

The other day Henry informed me, that, as the weather had warmed up , the next fire we had, would hold my sea lavender.


It had been decided. Everyone had had enough. The sea lavender’s time had come.

Look at it this way,” he said, “now you can display something else in it.”


So I took pictures.

To remember.

And then I erased them.

What was I thinking?

To many things at once apparently.

Well I can still show you pictures of is end. That I saved!

But I wanted you to see my sea lavender in all it’s glory.

You would have loved it as much as I did.

YOU wouldn’t have thought it was too big. You would, like me, have thought it abundant. I’m sure of it!

We’ll never know now.

Because I erased it.

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