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Working together.

Who says there is nothing to do in the garden in the dead of winter?

Henry, with considerable help from Morgan, the rest of my kids and my father-in-law, built me a beautiful fence. It took quite a long time and there was considerable discussion as to what it’s style and colour would be. (but that’s a story for another time!)

This fence had to be built on an existing concrete curb, using the embedded metal posts (all different sizes! ) to build the fence around, meaning that everything is up off the ground.

Over the winter the back gate kept swelling and leaning slightly so that it would stick. Henry fixed it once but the problem has returned worse than ever. I hadn’t realized that the gate was no longer able to shut until Jada started going crazy in the back yard. The gate kept flying open in the wind and she was sure some dangerous people were trying to get in! So… A dad and his son work together to fix the problem…

This time Henry took of a much larger piece off the side. He does not want to do this again!

Isn’t that a beautiful fence? My husband is awesome!

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